Our Vision is enabling people to discover their own journeys.

These simple words capture the essence of our School and its philosophy.

…”ENABLING people to discover their own journeys”…

We want to ‘enable’, which has an element of self-reliance. The school does not make them into something, it simply unlocks their potentialities, it empowers them, it enables them.

…Enabling PEOPLE to discover their own journeys…

We enable ‘people’ and not just children, because the School acts as a space for anyone who comes there as a stakeholder, whether teacher, staff, visitor, parent, and of course most importantly, the student. This means the School will act as a community space for empowerment of villagers in many respects (surely, for instance, adult education as well).

…”enabling people to DISCOVER their own journeys”…

We enable students to ‘discover’. This is important. The School should not offer anything readymade to be taken up on face value. Students learn the art of discovering, not receiving. They find things. We celebrate their curiosity and throw open the joy of discovering.This indicates the importance of hard work, creativity and originality. And that nothing is final. Every form is new, and yet newer forms remain to be discovered.

…enabling people to discover THEIR OWN journeys…

We enable students to discover ‘their own’ life journeys. Here, the emphasis is on ‘their own’, which means the School infuses a collective purpose, a sense of identity and self-worth, and unique process of discovery. This, counter intuitively, marries both collective and individual consciousness. Collectively, the village students share a common history, tradition and culture. They need to take pride in it. At the same time, they also have individual motivations, aspirations and preference that need their own space to flourish. It is through these community attributes, one can find and preserve one’s own ideas. This is an emotionally important value, which encourages students to know their own value rather than value driven from the outside. This is where the idea of local pride becomes central.

…enabling people to discover their own JOURNEYS…

We enable students to discover their own ‘journeys’. Here, it is important that the focus remains on the journey and not destination. Considerable harm has been done by our educational system guided by the mindless pursuit of goals and destinations. Our School assists children to rejoice in their journeys. It inspires them to focus on voyages and not results. Like Lord Krishna’s importance of duty in Gita, or Gandhi’s importance to means and not just ends, we inculcate the value of being through rather than reaching at.

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