Learning Philosophy

The school is being designed by Hairni Shah, one of our Advisors, and practicing community architect in Ahmedabad and Delhi.

We believe that education needs to help students access their experience, not divorce from it. Education today disconnects you from your own world. The more ‘elite’ you become through education, the more cut-off you would be from majority of people and their experiences. Frankly it appears that education takes you away from where it should actually strive to bring you to.

Our learning philosophy is guided by our vision statement.

At many levels, it translates into the following:

Cultivate life journeys, not destinations

Learn through cooperation and collaboration

Discourage competition and rat-race attitude

Inspire for openness in learning

Study for knowing, not for succeeding

Embrace failures, don’t run away from them

Understand phenomenon and concepts, not objects

Ask questions and remain curious

Cultivate a culture of empathy and politeness

Instil pride in local knowledge and cultures

Evolution through playfulness

Involve parents

Learning by doing, celebrate trial and error

Build mentor-mentee bonds

Review by friends and peers and instilling a cooperation

Pedagogy responsive to the region

Pride in being virtuous

converting tiny corridors into broad learning street, where children converge and learn openly

These learning principles become our way of knowing each other. We discuss them with teachers who develop these sensitivities. They re-distil them into us over time. They keep sharing it with themselves as well. Over time, they are becoming everyday ways of living the School.

It is interesting to see how infectious values can be.

And frankly, we didn’t realize, these learning principles are more natural for humans to adopt. It is ironic the world is building educational systems that simply does not relate to our basic human nature. We just need to go back to basics.

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