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The School is located on the banks of the river Ganga, as it passes through western Uttar Pradesh.

Gyan is, literally, knowledge. The root of this word is cognate to ‘know’ in English or ‘gnosis’ in Greek.

Gyan is, wisdom.

Gyan Ganga literally means Ganga of Wisdom.

Ganga here not only conveys the reverence with which the river Ganga flows though the village, but metaphorically, ganga denotes flow. It is therefore, the essence of flow of wisdom.

The logo captures definitive elements of our philosophy –

the book, transforming into a bird, signifying freedom,

the flame, signifying enlightenment,

and the tortoise that symbolizes stability, peace, patience and perseverance. Tortoises are also some of the most commonly visible animals on the banks. They instil pride for the locals.

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