Our teachers are committed to the idea and the practice of teaching. They have had inspirational lives. For most part, they have always wanted to be teachers in school. But securing a government teacher’s job requires a range of bureaucratic push and pulls in India, not to mention corruption. Often, it discourages well-meaning and committed people to join the profession.

Our achary and acharyaas joined us in this journey because of strong sense of purpose they saw in their own region. Most of them come from nearby towns of Chandausi, Babrala and the like. They drive our passion and commitment. Over time, we want to build a number of such teachers in and around the village.

Many of them take bare minimum salaries that comes out of meagre fees that students give. Some don’t take any salary right now. They say, ‘let the school happen, we can happen later…’

Looks like when you do something worthwhile, selfless people surround you in no time.

Our teachers practically run the School.

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