Board of Patrons

Nothing would have been possible without the help and support of our patrons, who donated for the school (both cash or kind).

Most of the donation right now is being used up in construction of the school. We will be able to sustain the operational expenses; it is the fixed cost which we are attracting donors for.

Our donors make the Board of Patrons. Over time, the School shall have a wall designed by the children themselves. We will call it the Wall of Patrons, with their names inscribed.

Donors do not donate with any return in mind. Except one, namely, the sense of belongingness to the school. They can take back the feeling of doing something truly good, and the feeling of ownership of the school. Some advisors are also donors, but this list does not have their names. Few donors have requested their names to be kept aside. .

The Lal Family Foundation

Mr. Shaurya Roy

Mr. Subbu Subramaniam N.

Mr. Alok Sahi

Dr. Asheesh Sinha

Mr. Chaitanya Potluri

Mr. Hiren C. Parikh

Mr. Navin Bhatia

Shri Nihal Chand Kathuria Education Trust

Mr. Rituparn P. Dixit

Mr. Shripal Singh

Mr. Vivek Shukla

Mr. Dwarika Uniyal

Mr. Akshay Singh

Mr. Ankit Sethi

Ms. Harsh Lata

Mr. Rahul Vashistha

Mr. Ritvik Lukose

Ms. Pooja Gupta

Sai Baba is Still Alive Charitable Trust

Mr. Rajesh

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